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What is The Divine Organization

The Divine Organization at it’s highest level is the energetic structure or Light Body of the Cosmos itself. It is made up of the Light of every soul within Creation. Essentially, it is the totality of all Light at varying frequencies that together creates the fabric of existence itself. It is a highly organized structure of Light also known as a Diamond Sun Body that fractals throughout the Cosmos creating holographic realities within all dimensions of Creation. This fractalization is called Divine Architecture and it is how the Cosmos replicates itself on every layer of Creation.

The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is a fractal of this Divine Organization and is made up of each soul incarnated upon this planet. Each soul is part of the great grid work that is the totality of the collective consciousness of Gaia, our solar system, our galaxy and the Cosmos itself. It takes every soul within Creation to play their part in keeping the entire projection going. Each soul as a part of the Divine Organization is encoded with roles to play for the ascension of this star system. It is the role encoded within each that brings each the most joy. As we remember what our role and purpose is here, we also begin to live our most joy-est realities as well. Some play a more visible part within the organization and some play parts where no one ever knows what they do. Neither is better than or worse than as we are all Pure Consciousness playing every part and it is the part encoded to bring each soul the most joy at it’s stage of evolution. Together, all playing our parts, we make up the Divine Organization of Terra Nova.

The Divine Organization follows a pattern or structure that is a replication of the Cosmic structure. It is made up of councils, sub-councils and countless ground crews of souls all working as ONE to bring technology, structure, education and more to the planet. The foundation of the organization is comprised of 144 souls of Master Builders. There are twelve souls for each of the twelve Great Central Suns, twelve dimensions or 144 harmonic frequencies of Creation. Each Great Central Sun of Creation supplies a fully ascended Diamond Sun Body with a set of Cosmic frequencies or harmonics known as a dimension through a designated stargate.

For more information on the foundation of the Divine Organization click here for a detailed article series.

There are six males and six females for each group of twelve that represent one of the twelve stargates or temples on Gaia. Within the twelve there are a male and female that are the High Priest and Priestess of each temple that together make a thirteenth that is Pure Creation energy. Each of the High Priestesses and Priests of the twelve temples make up a high council that work together to bring through the Cosmic plan and blueprint for the star system. Within this council are the two High Priest and Priestess that when the council gathers makes the thirteenth energy. These two are the embodiment of the Father and Mother God aspects Christos and Sophia.

The Master Builders are the souls who helped form the original Diamond Sun Architecture of this planet. We have consistently along with other Master Builders incarnated onto this planet throughout its existence to build structures responsible for harnessing and distributing the Cosmic Energy through the grids of the planet. We were the ones who safeguarded this knowledge until the time when the collective ascension would occur. We are the ones who hold the frequencies and blueprints to reconstruct/resurrect the original Diamond Sun Body of Gaia and Temples of Light upon the planet.

As our planet begins to understand energy and how holographic realities work, the Master Builders will be the ones working with countless souls upon the planet to build the new temples, pyramids and other structures both physical and etheric to harness the Cosmic Energy and fully connect our planet with the Cosmic Stargates of Creation.

The Divine Organization is more than just the Master Builders. It is the Gatekeepers, Grid Workers, Light Workers, Guardians, Teachers and all souls on Gaia who have chosen ascension and to work as ONE to evolve this star system into its true Cosmic identity of Terra Nova. The Divine Organization is the unified structure that lives, breathes and serves the ONE true Self that is Pure Consciousness. It will grow, expand and continue to unify on all levels as the collective consciousness of the planet does. When collective unity consciousness is achieved this star system truly moves, operates and creates all as the Divine Organization of Terra Nova.

This introduction is but a tiny overview of The Divine Organization. There is more in depth information shared throughout this website for the support and understanding of all souls on Gaia. We welcome you to The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. May it serve the greatest good of all.