Birthing Creation – The Embodiment of Source Consciousness

Journey with Gaia Sophia has she goes through physical body ascension and the complete breaking down of ego matrix programming. This is the programming and matrix system that has kept her soul and countless souls enslaved in the lower dimensions for thousands of years. The journal entries shared allow the reader to see the inner work that is required to free one’s self of their own ego matrix. They also capture the magic in remembering the multidimensional Self, demonstrating a complete experience of physical body ascension through all dimensions culminating with the embodiment of Source. The journal entries shared will offer consciousness expanding insights and activations to assist the reader on their own ascension journey. As a service to humanity, these have been shared in this book to serve the greatest good of all

The Divine Organization of Creation – Blueprint of the Cosmos

All of Creation unfolds according to an energetic blueprint that we call The Divine Organization of Creation. This blueprint unfolds throughout our holographic Universe creating a Diamond Sun Body, Crystalline Matrix or Light Body for every logos in Creation through Diamond Sun Architecture. This is the Light Body of each soul or logos that allows us to experience holographic realities within this Universe and our planet. Everything in Creation is Light and all Light in Creation is organized according to a specific blueprint. This book will detail the components of this blueprint and how each work to create holographic realities at all levels of Creation. It will go into detail about the HUman Design of the Diamond Sun Body and how we use this Light Body to create our holographic realities here on Gaia. We will discuss the organizational structure of the Divine Organization and how this structure is a necessary part of all Light Bodies within Creation. From, The Trinitized God Forces of Creation, to Councils of Light and every incarnated being on Gaia, all play a role in the Divine Organization of Creation and the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. This book will go into detail about our planetary organization, called the Divine Organization of Terra Nova and how it is forming upon our planet to create our multidimensional New Earth. Finally, we will go into the geometry of this architecture and the fabric of space itself to truly understand the fractaling nature of Creation as well as the interconnectedness of all Light within the Cosmos. This material is supplemented by a virtual appendix with images and videos to further help explain some of the material. All material presented in this book and appendix are Light encoded at the highest levels of Creation to activate the DNA and consciousness of the reader and to expand the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. Welcome to The Divine Organization of Creation.