Enjoying the Music

The journey home to the Source is one with many ups, downs, twists and turns. It takes one through all versions of Self from our human ego self, to our Soul and Oversoul Selves. Ultimately leading us to the feeling of no Self which is Source Consciousness – a state of being. It is where we shed the I AM and simply remain as the I. Being in the eternal now moment as Pure Consciousness experiencing our reality without the need to take on any identity. This is where the journey is leading us but first we must take the journey home! This journey takes us through the various dimensions of Consciousness and thus through many layers of truth. Each layer is truth for us at that time of the journey. When we expand our consciousness, so do we change our truths. Truth is relevant to the conscious observer’s position within space and time. Thus our truth will change many times over the course of our journey home. We are also blinded by the ego every step of the way. Even when we are convinced that we have shed the ego it will later be revealed that we only thought we did. This is part of the embodiment process and should not be looked on negatively because we must fully accept our new identity in order to fully embody it. All these challenges and more lie ahead of us on our journey. The two previous websites I had before this one will show the steps I took on my own journey. It will show how my own truths changed as my consciousness expanded as well as the traps my ego fell into. I have not altered anything to reflect my current truths. This allows for the information to serve as a breadcrumb trail for others. May it serve any seeker of the truth.