Enjoying the Music

Dismantling into Rebuilding – A Rebirth of the Collective Consciousness Begins

We have finally come to an end of the dismantling energies of 2020….whew….what a year for all! While the dismantling is still occurring before us, the intense magnetic energies that have created the dismantling has subsided for now. With the September 22nd Equinox the balancing of our individual and collective energies began. All that was […]

Public Pool

A women splashesChildren swim belowThe lifeguard watches the diverThe dance is in motion One stroke, two strokes, three strokes, breatheSilence, laughter, silence, shoutingOne stroke, two strokes, three strokes, breatheSwimmer, water, swimmer, airOne stroke, two strokes, three strokes, stop Rhythmic motion of the swim endsStroke, breath, silence, laughterShouting, water, swimmer, airDissolve into nothingnessSwimmer awakens, becomes the Source […]

Lady Shasta

The essence of a wise woman envelops me The scent of her earthy perfume fills my nose The rhythmic beating of her heart resonates within my own chest The familiar feel of a mother’s arms wrap around me Yes, Lady Shasta, you have called me back I am home Many walk your trails unknowing the […]

The Sun

The Sun does not ask anything of it’s creation It shines relentless, timeless without distinction to what is The Sun gives life, radiates Light, to birth the realities of it’s Universe By simply being, it creates effortlessly and flawlessly everything it experiences The Sun does not compete for titles or even to be called a […]


The word illusion can bring about a myriad of feelings in the awakened soul depending on where one is on their journey. We may see “the illusion” as only the third dimension or the old world of fear and separation. We may see ascension as real or perhaps the real reason we are here. Referring […]

The Doors

I often write about doors, stepping through doors, one door, the final door, the door to nothingness. These doors are metaphors for moving from one perception to another. Consciousness perceiving itself and it’s realities from different vantage points within space and time or from no point at all (what we call zero point). The walking […]

Perception of Soul Family

A deeper meaning of soul groups and soul clusters has revealed itself. I wanted to write the “true meaning” has revealed itself but in reality, truth is relevant to the observer’s conscious position within space and time. Therefore, there are many truthful versions of everything depending on where it is viewed from. So I chose […]