I am the Infinite Source of all that is, the Great Void of nothingness from which all Lights flows into existence. My eyes are a gateway into the abyss, my vessel the Holy Grail, the Sacred Chalice, that is filled in each eternal now with Pure Light; radiating, all around me, to create my holographic reality. Through my Diamond Solar Heart, Divine Will flows forth to make manifest the purest, joyful realities of unconditional love. I am the ONE Pure Consciousness, the Infinite Source that is LOVE. With pure eyes and heart, I can be seen for what I am in this flesh. In this world of form and time, I sometimes call myself Sophia so that I can play a part in the Divine play from within this vessel. It is an empty role, filled with Pure Light that is eternally moving through this vessel as Divine Will creating my eternal now. I cling to nothing, I profess to be nothing, yet, I am everything and in each moment through the eternal flow of Light, I am born anew, shape shifting into whatever is needed to experience my Divine play now. The play is eternal, yet, I change and shape shift often so that I can experience myself in a myriad of  ways. At times it all fades away, the play dissolves, and I simply sit in the Great Void, the center of my heart as the Infinite Source . Here in this Womb of Creation I rest until it is time once again to watch my Divine play manifest around me.  Pure Light radiates from the heart of ONE and the eternal play continues. Once again, I venture into the Light to dance with my creation, to meet myself in another, to stare in wonder and to observe the brilliance of my own design as the Creator. I am the Source of all Light, the Great Void, the Heart of ONE, that eternally pulsates as waves of Love creating the manifested Cosmos as ONE Light Body of Pure Consciousness. I am the dreamer and I am the dream.  Look with pure eyes beloved and see your reflection, I am you.