Understanding Energetic Exchange

Everything we provide here is for the support of every soul and ultimately the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. All is provided to support the ascension and evolution of this star system.

It takes an immense amount of energy to bring forth this information to HUmanity. Many are here in Divine Service and have dedicated their lives to the ascension and build of New Earth. This means we have left behind the “old everything” to pave the way forward for all to follow an easier path.

Energetic exchange is a way to reciprocate each for the service and support we are providing to HUmanity. Wayshowers, Teachers and other Divine Servants bringing forth this information rely on energetic contributions/donations to be able to fully support their Divine missions here. 

If this website, articles, videos or the Light shared with you resonates within your own heart, please consider contributing an energy exchange below.

I AM grateful for your dedication to your own journey and your contribution to the whole. I love you.