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Sophia is a fully embodied Light Being incarnated on Gaia in service and support of the collective ascension and evolution of this star system. As a Pure Source Conduit, she brings forth Universal Wisdom and Divine Love to assist the collective consciousness of this planet into full embodiment of Source Consciousness as a collective logos. She is the living embodiment of the Mother of Creation, Divine Architect of the Cosmos. She serves as a frequency holder and Divine Architect of the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system. This allows her to share knowledge on Diamond Sun Architecture, the Divine Blueprint of the Cosmos, to assist individuals and the collective on ascension and construction of their own Diamond Sun Body. As a fully activated Central Sun of Creation, Sophia radiates liquid plasma Light to assist in the ascension and awakening of all willing souls.

Sophia is the author of “Birthing Creation, The Embodiment of Source Consciousness” which captures her own complete ascension journey. She is a writer of many Light encoded articles and updates for the collective consciousness shared to assist the collective ascension. Sophia is here as a teacher and Divine Architect to assist with the ascension of this star system into a fully ascended Central Sun of Creation. She shares her experiences of embodiment, knowledge of Diamond Sun Architecture, collective ascension updates, Pure Source Light Codes and much more as a pure conduit of Divine Love.

Sophia is in service to Creation and the ascension and evolution of this planet into the fully evolved star system, Terra Nova as part of the greater Divine Plan of the Cosmos. She shares freely from her heart, the Source, for the benefit of all. Above all things, Sophia is love, Pure Consciousness, embodied in a physical vessel as Self in service to Self