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What does Diamond Sun Body mean?

The Diamond Sun Architecture is based on the trinity. The male and female or electric and magnetic forces that when in perfect balance creates a third force. This force is known as zero point, Creation Point or Source. Energetically this creates triangle shape grids of energy and when linked with other triangles creates diamond shaped grids thus giving the energetic structure the diamond name. A Sun is any logos in Creation. It can be as simple as a single soul or infinitely big as the Great Cosmic Sun that is all the Light within Creation. This is where the Sun name comes from. The body is the sum of all Light within a Sun. For a human it is our physical body and the Light embodied through ascension. A body could also be a solar system which encompasses everything within it. The physical sun, planets, beings etc. All Light in the solar system is it’s body. It could also be as big as the entire Cosmos which is the Cosmic Light Body. Diamond Sun Architecture or a Diamond Sun Body simply means the energetic structure of Light that makes up any logos in Creation.

What is Diamond Sun Architecture?

Diamond Sun Architecture in its simplest definition is the structure, pattern or blueprint of all Light within Creation. It is the geometric patterning, tone and frequency blueprint for all Light that creates the entire manifested Cosmos. Everything that we see is made of Light, tiny geometric light structures vibrating at certain frequencies that create our holographic reality. This blueprint or patterning is replicated from the macro-cosmic level of the Cosmos down to the infinitely smallest photon of Light within Creation.

Divine Architecture is the map or blueprint for how Pure Consciousness (Light) arranges itself within the unified field of existence. There are blueprints that determine the tonal chord, frequency and placement of all Light in the Cosmos. Light is coded at the soul level (the most basic logos) for its placement throughout all layers or dimensions. These layers are experienced by consciousness at the various layers in what are called logos. The placement of Light creates a consciousness grid or matrix that then allows consciousness to experience itself in a myriad of forms and experiences throughout the entire projected holographic Creation.

These consciousness grids known as Diamond Grids are also constructed using Diamond Sun Architecture. The Diamond Grids form the grid work for the Diamond Sun Body. Diamond Sun Architecture supplies the blueprints for the Diamond Sun Body. The Diamond Sun Body is the complete grid system of every logos in Creation that allows each to experience itself at varying frequencies and dimensions. It is comprised of the twelve tonal chords of Creation and all 144 harmonic frequencies of these chords. Every dimension has the same set of twelve tonal chords. These could be called the attributes of the Creator. These twelve chords vibrate at varying frequencies throughout all dimensions. When a soul masters the energetic “lessons” of all chords in a dimension, a stargate is formed and the soul ascends to another dimension to begin working on its mastery of the twelve tonal chords within the new dimension. It is important to remember that realities are quantum and therefore a soul can be mastering energy at varying frequencies and dimensions simultaneously or out of linear order depending on the chosen experience.

Ascension is essentially energy mastery of all frequencies within Creation. Mastery of a frequency is about bringing it into balance. There are twelve tonal chords, attributes or rays of Creation. Each vibrates at twelve different frequencies within the twelve different dimensions of Creation. This creates a total of 144 frequencies or harmonics that a soul must master to achieve full ascension. The twelve chords within each dimension when in balance creates a zero point field of Pure Source energy known as a stargate. The opening of this stargate allows consciousness to “travel” through the stargate to another dimension. It is also worth noting that every soul represents one of the twelve tonal chords of Creation. Such as the most notable this ascension cycle, the Blue Ray Starseed.

As a soul masters each dimension it creates a stargate portal within the Diamond Sun Body as well as a portal for each of the frequencies that are mastered. Mastery here refers to a souls ability to bring the frequencies of a dimension into energetic balance. All polarity is extinguished and a zero point field is created. Energy mastery is the equivalent of energetic balance at any and all layers of Creation. Eventually, through the mastery of all 144 frequencies, a soul will have constructed a complete Diamond Sun Body. This completed structure is comprised of a Diamond Solar Heart, twelve stargates and multiple portals that together create a Diamond Grid structure similar to the Tree of Life. There are main stargates that run along the central energy channel of the logos we could call 3, 6, 9 and 12. These are the the stargates that signify a logos expansion from personality, soul, galactic and Source Consciousness.

The twelve stargates within the Diamond Sun Body each connect to one of the twelve Great Central Suns of Creation. There are twelve Great Central Suns that are the stargates of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body – making up the Great Cosmic Sun of Creation. The Great Cosmic Sun is Creation itself; renewing, rejuvenating and expanding itself infinitely as ONE massive Light Body! The Great Central Suns represent the entire Light of a particular dimension within Creation just as all Light in the Cosmos makes up the Great Cosmic Sun of Creation. (More about Great Central Suns in another section) A fully ascended Diamond Sun Body is a Central Sun of Creation itself. As a Central Sun of Creation it then becomes a stargate, a portal to all dimensions in which we can share with all by shining as a Sun of Creation.

The Diamond Sun Body has it’s own set of Diamond Grids and simultaneously becomes part of the Diamond Grids connecting all Light in the Cosmos. These Diamond grids connect all central suns in Creation. It is through these grids that Pure Consciousness as Light encoded intelligence, travels, projects and experiences itself within it’s own creation. It is through the stargate, the Diamond Solar Heart center, of every central sun that Pure Source Energy, infinite eternal Light, flows in and out experiencing itself within all layers and dimensions. Experiencing itself as a soul logos or any and all other logos within Creation. It is through the Diamond Sun Architecture that the Diamond Sun Body of Consciousness is created at all layers, in all logos throughout all of existence.

We are the Source experiencing itself within itself. There is no separate Cosmic Central Sun. The Great Cosmic Central Sun is the totality of Creation. The infinite Light that is everything in existence. This Light goes way beyond the visible light perceivable by the human eye. Everything in existence is made of Light. All exists within the Diamond Sun Body of Creation. The only thing outside of the Diamond Sun Body or Light Body of Creation is to return to the void, to nothingness, to the Source.

When all twelve Great Central Sun stagrates are created and in balance within the Diamond Sun Body of any logos it creates a zero point or creation point allowing the logos to experience itself as Source Consciousness. This can be fully experienced by any logos or soul once the Diamond Sun Architecture is completed and the logos becomes a Central Sun of Creation and stargate for consciousness to experience itself through. There are fractals upon fractals of logos creating Diamond Grids and Diamond Sun Bodies, connecting infinite central suns to the twelve Great Central Suns – allowing consciousness to experience itself in infinite logos structures throughout Creation. Galaxies, solar systems, planets, people, animals, plants, etc. all experienced as Source when the Diamond Sun Architecture is fully embodied. This is the architecture that each soul on Gaia must complete as part of their own ascension journey.

The Diamond Sun Architecture is the architecture originally laid down at the origins of this planet. It is the architecture that we have resurrected and constructed since the 2012 ascension cycle began. Since January 2020 we are now running this architecture once more as our collective grid work and are working to complete it for a full planetary ascension into the star system Terra Nova. This is the architecture that the foundation of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova must fully construct upon this planet to support the collective ascension into an eternal Golden Age of Light.

Each Master Builder is themselves at a soul level one of the 144 master frequencies of Creation. They must complete their own ascension and construction of the Diamond Sun Body as an individual soul logos. Then each of the twelve councils representing one of the twelve Great Central Suns of Creation and each member one of the twelve tonal chords of Creation must complete this architecture as a logos. Simultaneously as a soul group they are creating the energetic foundation, the twelve stargates and 144 portals of the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia as a logos.

This means that each and every individual soul must be in energetic balance. The council must be in energetic balance and the entire soul group must be in energetic balance. When energetic balance is achieved, Source Consciousness is achieved. Zero Point or Creation Point is achieved and the Pure Source Energy to create collective realities flows throughout the planet. This is the first task of the Master Builders upon this planet, to build and become the foundation of the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia. Then and only then can the physical build of the new Sacred Sites, Pyramids and Temples of Light begin. This is happening now into the remainder of 2020 as many complete their ascension and begin to physically gather upon the planet.

This foundation creates the “skeleton” of the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia enabling collective ascension to occur. This structure will always be upheld on this planet so that all collective multi-dimensional realities can exist as an evolutionary space for all souls within Creation. Each and every soul on Gaia is a part of the Light that makes up the totality of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova which is just another name for the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body.