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In the previous two articles we defined and discussed in detail the separate components of the Cosmos. These are the electric and magnetic forces of the Father and Mother, Christos and Sophia, the High Council of Creation, the twelve tonal chords or rays of Creation, the Galactic Councils and finally, the Cosmic Stargates. Each and every component is an essential part of the Great Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos that together make up the Divine Organization of Creation. This energetic structure follows a blueprint known as Diamond Sun Architecture and it is the energetic structure that creates the fabric of existence itself. Without this unified and methodical structure in place, the entire manifested Cosmos would not exist.

It was essential in our understanding of the whole to identify these each separately. It is like having all the pieces of a house laid out separately and then the build begins. When it is all complete, all that we see is a house. However, we know that there are many pieces or parts that went into it’s construction. This is how the Cosmos is for many of us. We experience our reality, our collective reality and perhaps a little bit of outer space or off planet realities. However, do we really know what goes into making these realities happen? Well now that we have a clearer understanding of each component of the architecture of our Cosmic house, let us dive into how these all work together as one to create the holographic realities of Creation.

Putting it All Together

We may recall that in the previous article we referred to the Cosmic Stargates as movie projectors. In which we said that it is Light or energy sent through the Cosmic Stargates that helps to create the manifested Cosmos. Let’s expand upon this analogy to aid in our understanding of how the Cosmos works.

The Cosmos is made up of an electromagnetic field of energy otherwise known as Light. This Light is the Unified Field of Consciousness and accounts for all Light within existence. This field is Christos and Sophia, the Father and Mother forces of Creation, the Divine Architects from which all is made manifest. This is the Light that must go into our projectors or stargates in order to project the manifested Cosmos. However, what happens if you put Light into a projector without film in it? All you get is white light projected at a screen right? Therefore, we could say that if we projected the Light of Christos and Sophia through a stargate we would get Pure Source Light, all we would see manifested is the brilliant white Light of the Cosmos. However, we have very intricate and colorful realities. So how is this so? This is why the twelve rays of Creation and Galactic Councils are a must in Diamond Sun Architecture.

As we mentioned before, there are 144 souls of Master Builders in the Cosmos. These souls each account for one of the twelve rays of Creation vibrating at one of the 144 different frequencies of Creation. It is through these 144 frequencies that every reality in the Cosmos can be experienced. Thus we call these the Master Builders because all realities are built from these frequencies. Therefore there are twelve gold ray souls, twelve blue rays souls and so on for each of the twelve rays. This allows the Pure Source Light to be filtered into twelve different colored rays for the manifestation of the Cosmos. Each ray still contains the electric and magnetic forces so the Mother and Father are always present in every ray of Light in Creation. Now our Light is not just pure white Light, it has been separated. Let’s put it back in our projector and see what happens. When we put it in the projector we still see Pure White Light being projected into the Cosmos. Why? There is still no film strip in the projector so all the rays merge together and we still get Pure White Light.

Well then, let’s add the Galactic Councils to the mix and see what happens. Remember that every Galactic Council is made up of twelve souls that each represent one of the twelve rays of Light within a dimension. Therefore, it is through these twelve that each ray of Light is filtered into a dimension. The Galactic Council becomes the film strip that the Light filters through in order to manifest onto the screen. Let’s try our projector once more. We now have projected Light from the Mother and Father through the Cosmic stargates as the twelve rays of Light represented by the Galactic Council of Twelve. We can now see that each dimension is filled with Light but there is still no show. The movie is not playing, there is now only colored Light projecting at our screen. All we can see are twelve different colored Light rays, there is no form, no reality in front of us. What now?

Well we need to add information to our film strip, codes that tell the Light how to shine or project onto the screen. This would be images on typical film strips. However, we are working with the Cosmos and that means Light. Therefore, we must dive deeper into our Light rays to find the answer. Each Light ray contains little packets of energy we call photons. It is in these photons of Light that the codes are found. The Light rays are also vibrating a varying frequencies. It is these Light codes and the vibration of the Light that tell our film strip how to project the Light onto the screen. Each soul in Creation is made up of Light. It is in our Light that the codes for our film are presented to be projected onto our holographic reality. This is the same with the souls of the Divine Organization of Creation. Every soul is coded to birth or create all realities for that particular ray within a particular dimension. The collective souls of the rays are coded to birth or manifest at the Cosmic Layer.

Let’s tie this all together. The Mother and Father, Christos and Sophia make up all Light within Creation. This Light is separated into Twelve Rays of Creation which are coded to manifest as certain attributes of the Creator throughout all of Creation. These twelve rays are filtered into each dimension of the Cosmos through a Galactic Council of Twelve that represent, birth and manifest all realities for a particular ray within that dimension. Together they make up all Light within the Great Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos. Collectively these components are known as the Divine Organization of Creation and this organization is essentially a distribution center of energy from the Source to all of Creation. This organization is responsible for creating all of the Cosmos, every dimension, and every single reality that exist within Creation. This organization is coded with every reality that will ever exist and that truly exists within the quantum field. This organization is the highest structure in the Cosmos and in it’s totality makes up the Great Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos. This organization is comprised of every single soul in Creation who collectively makes up the soul or logos of each component at the Cosmic Layer.

It is the Light of all souls that collectively make up the Cosmic Logos. Let us go back to the gold ray once again to further aid in this understanding. Pure Source Light is sent out from the Source into Creation. This Light is a perfectly balanced electromagnetic field. The Christos electric principle that supplies the fuel and the Sophia magnetic principle that creates. This Light is then sent through the twelve main stargates of the Great Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos at varying frequencies. Here the Light is received by the Galactic Councils of Twelve for each of the twelve dimensions or Great Central Suns. The Light is then filtered by the council for manifestation within a specific dimension. Using the gold ray, we can say that there are twelve souls in Creation that receive the gold ray from the twelve main stargates of the Great Diamond Sun Body of the Cosmos. The gold ray is then distributed throughout the dimension based on the coding of the soul. All realities pertaining to the gold ray or neutrality are then affected by this distribution.

We must understand that the coding at this level of the Cosmos is vast because it will incorporate the coding of every gold ray of Light within every soul of the dimension or Great Central Sun. Based on this coding the Light will be utilized within the dimension to create and project realities on a collective scale. It is much more complex on the Cosmic scale than within one soul on a human scale. However, we can begin to see the importance of the Divine Organization as being Light conduits, receivers and transmitters and distributors for the Cosmos to manifest dimensions, galaxies, solar systems, planets and beyond. We will look closer at how this works when we discuss the planetary layer and the Divine Organization of Terra Nova.

Why is the Divine Organization of Creation so important? Because without this organization, this energetic structure, nothing would exist. And why do we need to know this? Because it is this structure that fractals down and replicates itself throughout all of the Cosmos. From the Great Cosmic Diamond Sun Body to our own Diamond Sun Bodies and beyond, all realities are constructed and created with this architecture. As part of the ascension of our star system and of our own souls, constructing this architecture is the only way we can accomplish it. When we understand this architecture we can understand our Self at all layers of Creation.

Closing Remarks

Alas, the pieces have come together and we can clearly see how the Cosmos works. What a masterpiece! What an amazing, beautiful work of art! All is Light! All is energy! Everything we see, feel ,taste, hear, and all the things in Creation beyond our humanly senses is Light! The Pure Source Light of Creation that is Pure Consciousness encoded into every photon. Always speaking to us, always guiding us and always projecting a perfectly mirrored reflection to that which we are inside. I AM but humbled by the magnificence of that which we call Creation!

We have dived deep into the Cosmic Layer of the Divine Organization of Creation. Defined and explained each component in detail so that we could formulate a clear picture in our minds and a deep resonating feeling within our hearts. We know what Light is and how it works in the Cosmos. We understand how Galactic Councils work to distribute Light into the dimensions to project the holographic reality of each. What a blessing to see with this understanding. Now it is time to take this understanding and shift it to the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. To see and understand how this structure is an exact replica of the Cosmos and how this structure is forming on our planet so that we too can build and construct a world as magnificent as the whole of the Cosmos.

In the next article of this series we will drill down to the micro layer that is the planetary replica of the Divine Organization of the Cosmos. the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. We will demonstrate how the Divine Organization of Terra Nova is connected to the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia and to each and every soul upon our planet. It is through this organization that the blueprints for our New Earth will flow into the consciousness of this planet to be made manifest by all souls here. We are one family of love! One family of Light! Together we are building our New Earth. I love you all so very much beloveds.


If this material or any portion of it is used elsewhere, please link back to the source, The Divine Organization of Terra Nova at www.divineorganization.earth so that all souls may benefit from the resources available here. In loving gratitude to co-create with you.