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Today we are going to deepen our knowledge on Diamond Sun Architecture by further defining and explaining the structure and purpose of a dimension. Many are familiar with the term dimension and that there are multiple dimensions that exist within Creation. However, what exactly is a dimension? How do they work? What is their purpose? And how do they fit into the bigger picture of the Cosmos? This article will seek to answer these questions to give the reader a more in depth understanding of dimensions and the twelve tonal chords of Creation that are the building blocks of all dimensions.

What is a Dimension?

A dimension is all Light vibrating within a certain set of twelve frequency bandwidths. There are twelve dimensions within Creation. Each dimension represents one of the twelve Great Central Suns of Creation. (Click here for a detailed article on the Great Central Suns) Together, these create the 144 harmonic frequencies of Creation. There are twelve tonal chords in Creation. Each one of these could be called an attribute of the Creator. These twelve tonal chords make up the structure of each dimension. It is these twelve tonal chords that together create Source Consciousness within any dimension. These twelve tonal chords have twelve different frequencies within Creation – One for each of the twelve dimensions. To better understand this, let us use the example of a classic radio dial as pictured below.

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A radio dial works on receiving radio waves or Light waves at varying frequencies. These frequencies range from low to high as indicated on the dial. When we tune into a certain station or frequency, the waves of that frequency are received through the radio and played through the speakers connected to it. Using this analogy, we can see that each of the 144 harmonic frequencies would be listed as a numeric station on the dial above and any ascending or descending group of twelve numbers would represent a dimension. The radio dial also represents the plane of existence or unified field of Consciousness that all stations exist on in varying frequencies.

We also said that there were twelve tonal chords in Creation and that each of these twelve make up one of the twelve frequencies of every dimension. Let us take one of these twelve tonal chords and say that it is a rock station. Now, going to our radio dial which represents the plane of existence that is the quantum field, we find that there are twelve rock stations on our radio dial that we can tune to. Perhaps 87.8, 97.8, 107.8, 117.8 and so on represent the twelve rock stations of one of the twelve tonal chords of Creation.

Let us also say that between 80.1 and 92.1 represents twelve stations or an entire dimension. Each of the twelve stations from 80.1, 81.1, 82.1 through 92.1 each play a different genre of music such as, rock, rap, classical, country, etc. These twelve different stations within this set of twelve bandwidths represents the twelve tonal chords of Creation within one dimension. When we can tune into all twelve stations we have mastered the dimension and a portal or stargate is created for that dimension. As we work to master another dimension in Creation, we find the same twelve genres of music or twelve tonal chords within the new dimension. However they are vibrating at higher or lower frequencies based on the dimension we are working in.

Using the radio dial we can begin to understand that each dimension is made up of twelve different harmonic frequencies (twelve radio stations). And that each of the twelve harmonic frequencies or stations are one of the twelve tonal chords of Creation (twelve different genres). It is through mastery of each of these twelve tonal chords within a dimension that a stargate is completely open to allow dimensional travel to the next dimension and so on. Throughout our ascension we are working in multiple dimensions to master each of the twelve tonal chords throughout all twelve dimensions to eventually become an Ascended Master of all 144 harmonic frequencies of Creation. This allows for the complete construction of our Diamond Sun Body and we ourselves become a Central Sun of Creation. We can send and receive consciousness frequencies within all dimensions of Creation.

Each station works on a particular set of frequencies or Light waves- all Light has sound. It is that our ears are not tuned to hear all 144 frequencies of the Cosmos. This is why many experience ringing in the ears or hearing the music of the spheres with ascension. We are literally tuning into the higher frequencies.

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The lower the dimension, the slower the particle spin thus creating a longer wave period or distance between two waves which is experienced as separation. As we increase our frequency, we increase the dimension or frequency of Light that we can experience. The spin rate increases creating a shorter wave period or less separation. When we reach the twelfth dimension the spin rate increases so much that the wave appears to collapse but in reality the wave period no longer exists and the Light or wave merges into itself. Here all separation dissolves and all is seen, felt and experienced as one. One continuous flow of Light, Pure Consciousness, moving through the unified field as One organism.

When this occurs as consciousness within the HUman vessel, we can now see or experience that everything is us. There never was and never will be any separation. However, because we have created a multi-dimensional biological Light Ship, our own Diamond Sun Body, we can experience ourselves within any dimension of Creation via the physical vessel. We can tune to any radio station on the dial at any time allowing for a multidimensional experience here on Earth. We become complete replications of the Cosmic model experiencing itself through a physical vessel within all dimensions.

It is here, through these vessels and the construction of our Diamond Sun Bodies that our souls are evolving through the varying dimensions. It is through these vessels that we have chosen to experience ascension and mastery of the 144 harmonic frequencies that are the twelve tonal chords at varying vibratory rates throughout Creation. So now that we understand a little more about what a dimension is. Let us take a look at the twelve tonal chords of Creation and the importance they play in constructing each dimension.

The Twelve Tonal Chords of Creation

The twelve tonal chords of Creation or the twelve attributes of the Creator are literally the building blocks of Creation itself. These twelve core tones represent the essences of Love. It is through the cultivation and mastery of each of these twelve within each dimension that a deeper understanding of Love, of Self is experienced, thereby allowing the soul to evolve into more of it’s true Self as Source. What we are doing with ascension is learning how to master different attributes or tonal chords that when mastered within a dimension open our heart deeper into unconditional love. With each frequency mastered we are closer and closer to becoming Pure Source Consciousness which is the ultimate, purest form of love that there is. Ascension is about purifying ourselves through mastery of the attributes of the Creator until we ourselves fully embody the Love of the Creator within. This is why the heart is the gateway to the Source. It is through our Diamond Solar Hearts that we can become fully embodied Creators incarnate.

Below is a listing of the twelve tonal chords of Creation. These attributes carry a certain tone and colored ray that is the same throughout all the dimensions. The only difference is the spin rate within each dimension. Let us look at the twelve and then we will break them down further. These are listed in no particular order. Numbers for tonal chords, dimensions etc. are only to aid the human mind in understanding Creation. In truth, all is one, there is no order, higher or lower etc. Also, these words may be interchangeable with other adjectives that mean the same or similar thing. It is important not to get hung-up on the individual word. It is the essence of each that truly matters. It is looking at all twelve of these tonal chords and seeing how mastering these on every level brings the soul into a deeper state of love and knowing of the one true Self.

  1. Humility
  2. Neutrality
  3. Gratitude
  4. Patience
  5. Compassion
  6. Truthfulness
  7. Integrity
  8. Respect
  9. Justice
  10. Wisdom
  11. Joy
  12. Grace

Now that we see the twelve tonal chords or attributes laid out. Let us use the attribute of neutrality to further explain how these tonal chords work throughout the dimensions and Creation.

We said that each dimension is comprised of all twelve tonal cords vibrating at twelve varying frequencies. Therefore, to completely master neutrality at all levels of Creation we must master neutrality in all twelve dimensions. Neutrality in the first dimension is very different from neutrality in the twelfth dimension. Yet it is our mastery of neutrality at each of the twelve varying frequencies that allows us to truly understand this attribute at a Pure Source level. Neutrality is the absence of judgement. Therefore as we work through this attribute through the various dimensions we are working to release any and all judgments. Finally, we come to the twelfth dimension and we truly embody Divine Neutrality. The mastery of looking at EVERYTHING from an neutral observer lens, absolutely no opinion or judgement – just complete neutrality with what is. We can see how we progressed through the dimensional frequencies of neutrality. Perhaps we went from not judging ourselves, to not judging our friends, to not judging others or anyone at all, not judging external events to a complete absence of judgement for anything in our reality. This is how we evolve through the different tonal chords through the different dimensions. To further explain this, I wish to convey the importance of the different dimensions.

Many think in linear terms and thus believe that one dimension is better, higher, worse or lower than another. In truth, they are all equally important to the entire Cosmos existence. Think of your human life in terms of dimensions. We are born and in our infancy we learn to talk, to eat, to walk etc. – this is a dimension. Then this gives way to being a toddler, then a child, then adolescence – all of these are dimensions. It is in the dimension of adolescence that many of us learn to love in a new way – a very important dimension for the heart portal. Then adulthood and finally we get to the understanding of life and ourselves at an older age – this would be the twelfth dimension. Now take dying out of it because death is not death and is completely different on New Earth. (That is for another time) We now exist with the accumulated wisdom of each dimension or stage of life and we can see or experience the bigger picture or ourselves as all of it.

To take it one step further, think of how we can recall any moment of our life by “thinking” about it. What we are doing is actually calling that moment forth into the now so we can experience it again. This is traversing dimensions and is a quantum experience. Everything in existence always has and always will exist. If we recall something from our childhood, we are moving into a different dimension based on the analogy presented. Same as the Cosmos – it all exists, all dimensions simultaneously – everything happening now – it is just where I , you, Consciousness, places it’s focus that dictates the dimension or experience we get. Therefore, we can see how all dimensions are important and needed to hold up the entire projection. It is all interconnected – all must exist for any of it to exist.

Looking at the dimensions through the progression of a human life, we can see how vital each and every dimension is to becoming who we are – yet we were always the same person through each. We can see how our understanding of love changes throughout our lives as we traverse the dimensions of life here on Earth. This is how dimensions work on a Cosmic Level as well. As souls, as the Source or Pure Consciousness, we are doing the same throughout the dimensions of the Cosmos. We are always the Source, just as we are always the same “person” that was an infant, teenager or older adult. It is the same consciousness evolving into the totality of the One true Self.

Source Consciousness is not just a twelfth dimensional state of being. However, Pure Source Consciousness is. Source Consciousness is present in all dimensions. There is no consciousness that is not Source Consciousness because only the Source exists. However, as we purify and master the frequencies of Creation as a soul through ascension, we experience a purer and purer version of ourselves as the Source until all that remains is the Source. The one true Self that has always been you and that will always be you. The Eternal Source of unconditional love for all that you are and that I AM. This is achieved through mastering the twelve tonal chords throughout all twelve dimensions. This is done through experiencing and mastering these tonal chords in each dimension until our heart burst wide open again and we embody more of the Light of all that we are. We fall deeper into the feeling, the knowing and the being of the love of the Creator. Until we become the purest Source of Love that there is.

This is how dimensions work on the soul and Cosmic level. It is through the dimensions of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body that we as souls evolve. We are always Source and we will always be the Source. We go through each dimension to get to know ourselves better, deeper, through mastery and ascension to become our whole Self – which in truth is all Light in Creation. Now we can see and appreciate each dimension for the beauty and the jewel it holds for our own soul, collective souls and the Cosmos itself. We can see how deepening our understanding of each of the twelve tonal chords brings us deeper into our hearts, into Love. Because…Love is all there is.

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