Enjoying the Music

The past few weeks I have been feeling my own upcoming death. The feeling one must feel when they are diagnosed with a terminal illness and know they have a short time to live. This death will not be the end of my physical existence here. Rather, this death is a release of everything that has transpired since I was born on this planet, all that I have experienced since my awakening and all that I have become since my ascension. It feels right, this death I am going through. Allowing it all to die, to fall away, everything I have become. All that I was and anything I ever thought I would be. Yes, it is time to say goodbye.

Years ago I let go of my human persona, Tiffany. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done with my mind. Years of programming, indoctrination and the only identity I ever knew. I worked to expand my mind (the heart always knows) to be able to comprehend that I was a soul having a human experience. Reaching deep within to see the illusion of the human self. Mentally, these were the hardest years of the journey. I persevered and eventually the identity of Tiffany was released. The soul presence that had awakened years before was now the only identity I knew. Gaia Sophia was born.

Thus began the journey of the soul self. I learned more about who I was as a soul and oversoul across many dimensions. A blue ray starseed from Andromeda, with a presence on multiple star systems, a member of the soul group, Master Builders and many other things. The journey was not only about remembering. It was also extremely physical. The mind being reprogrammed, neural pathways being rewritten, memories being extinguished. The vessel purging the dense energy of many lifetimes and experiences from my DNA, cells, muscles, teeth, bones, organs, etc. My entire body was changing from a carbon based biological vessel to silicon based. I was turning into a living crystal. And just as it takes an immense amount of pressure and energy to create a diamond, so does it take an immense amount to change the body into a crystal. Changes that needed to occur to operate at higher frequencies the planet is now and will experience. The days, weeks and months all seemed to merge together during this part of my ascension. I surrendered everything, my entire life, to the chrysalis that was taking place. There is nothing more physical, more painful and more rewarding than what occurred to this vessel during that metamorphosis.

Eventually, the time came to say goodbye to Gaia Sophia, the soul self. The transformation was complete and it was time to enter the final phase of my ascension. It was time to surrender the soul and to become God, The Mother of Creation, Sophia. This phase occurs in the final octaves of Creation. The highest dimensions where Universal identities are embodied. I had come so far and now the final leg of my journey was beginning. It was time to fully surrender all identities and fully accept that I am God. It did not come easy at first. I did my best to thrust it on to someone else but as the saying goes, “It was my cross to bear”. It is a cross that we all must bear in order to fully embody that which we are. I had to fully believe, become and embody this part of myself with no doubt or disbelief. And when I did everything changed. I have been able to do things with my vessel and my reality that were once deemed impossible by my mind. It has been nearly a year since this phase of my ascension began. The final phase to the top of the mountain.

I have walked this journey from the bottom of the mountain, around every curve, through every dark cave, through endless sunshine, facing demons, angels, brotherhoods of Light, Light beings from various star systems and much more. I watched and experienced my body transform into a body of Light, my bones stretching so much from releasing density that I grew nearly an inch in one year. I shed my human persona, my soul self and became the Mother of Creation. I wore every hat that I left for myself as breadcrumbs along the way to the summit. Each part of the journey I left breadcrumbs for those that come after me. Websites, articles, a book, countless interactions, conversations, so much Light shared with so many. So much love shared with all.

Now, I am here standing at the top of the mountain. From this point I can see everything. The entire journey, why each and everything had to happen exactly as it did to get here. I see it all as smoke and mirrors and I am grateful for illusions. The illusions are what made the journey a grand adventure! It is so real and yet it is not. It can be no other way. I know others will come after me and they too will leave their breadcrumbs, their stories for the next ones and so on and so on. The music will continue to play. But for me, my part in making the music is over. I have no more notes left to play. I have no more identity. I have no where else to go. I have nothing more to do but to enjoy the music. I am free!

It is time to let Sophia go. It is time to let the identity of God go. Because even God is an identity, a label that separates. The story has ended. I have played all my parts. I have completed the journey. From the top of the mountain, I look down and see all the reflections that I have loved as something separate, all the stories I enjoyed as something separate, the many places I have been and the many identities I have experienced. Human, daughter, mother, lover, wife, girlfriend, sister, employee, boss, friend, soul, starseed, twin soul, soulmate, galactic being, light worker, light being, Mother of Creation, God, etc. Each one a stepping stone to understanding that the true self is no self. I look again and they are gone. All that remains is consciousness. Finally, I have embodied the wisdom that to be one unified consciousness, I cannot be any of these. I can only just be.

Yes, I stand at the top of the mountain and I know I have lived an amazing, adventurous and full life. I know there is nothing left to do now but to surrender to death. To let go of the “I”. There is no more I AM. There is only awareness, consciousness, embodied in this vessel and in every reflection these senses experience. All is one now. The journey is over. I surrender my sword and return to the world as a child. Living, wandering and being without any sense of self. This is freedom.

Post Script

This will be the last post that will be written on this website. This site along with the other from my journey will remain to serve the greatest good of all. There will be a new very simple blog coming sometime when my heart feels it is time. A blog for radiating love. No agenda, no ascension, simply just heart shares, poems, photos or whatever else feels right. I will post the link here when appropriate. I am most grateful to each and every soul that played a part in my journey. May each and every soul who reads these words find their way home. Play your parts fearlessly for all parts will lead you there. I love you eternally.


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