Enjoying the Music

Blessings Beloveds,

Happy 2020! What a most trans-formative passage we have all been through these past few weeks and ending of 2019. The old has truly fallen away and the palpable realities of New Earth are visible everywhere. It is a magnificent sight to behold. As part of the letting go of the old, I will no longer be posting news and updates on this website. I have begun to create a new platform in which to share collective updates and ascension news for all. It is a work in progress and will continue to grow and expand as more and more souls begin to co-create and contribute to the Divine Organization. For now it is up and running and ready to begin sharing information freely with the masses once more.

I welcome you all to join me, share and contribute on the new Divine Organization website. There is also a subscribe button on the home page to stay updated with newsletters and updates shared on the website. I look forward to writing, sharing and interacting with you all on the new platform as we work together to build our New Earth – Terra Nova. Infinite blessings and love to each and every one of you amazing souls. I love you.