Hollow Bone

I am an empty space for Light to fill A vacant vessel brought to Life in each now moment A crystal vase poured to perfection when filled with the Light of Creation From my bones, this Light projects my truth I have become a hollow bone My eyes are a gateway to the void, the […]

Divine HUmans De~Light

Dance, Dance, Children of the Light You are not from the stars You are a star Here on a journey to remember Your Divine HUman birthright Dance, Dance, Children of the Light Each of you shining bright Eight billion suns of Light Divine HUmans on Gaia Dancing with clear sight Dance, Dance, Children of the […]

Dismantling into Rebuilding – A Rebirth of the Collective Consciousness Begins

We have finally come to an end of the dismantling energies of 2020….whew….what a year for all! While the dismantling is still occurring before us, the intense magnetic energies that have created the dismantling has subsided for now. With the September 22nd Equinox the balancing of our individual and collective energies began. All that was […]