Enjoying the Music

What happens when the journey is over? When the conscious expedition of Self realization ends at it’s final resting place of the heart? The home of consciousness, the Eternal Source that has been there all along as the home we inevitably permanently return to when the trek is over. What becomes of the seeker when all the seeking is complete?

When the journey concludes and we take the final step into our last death, we wholly embody the ultimate truth – that there is no Self. We arrive home in perpetuity to the Source Point of consciousness where the Self cannot exist. The Self, the idea of Self, these are concepts, thoughts and ideas that can only exist in the mind. When we sit firmly in our heart, rooted to the foundation of our homestead, we are able to dissolve into nothing with the knowing that all Selves are illusions of the mind. We lay down our claim to any identity. We stop searching, we stop trying, we stop doing and in our final death we surrender to our eternal existence and allow ourselves to just be.

There is no Self anymore. There is nothing. There is only consciousness existing in the eternal now. Consciousness in each moment, allowing all realities to unfold before it. Not clutching to anything or anyone. Not attaching to anything or anyone. Simply allowing reality to unfold in the now. We empty the mind of the past or the future. Memories are dissolved, desires of what is to come fade away. No longer do we call forth or expect any reality, for this action puts consciousness into time, into space, into a dimension, into a particular point on the consciousness grid. It moves consciousness from zero point, from Source Point, into Self. This causes separation and moves us into doing instead of being. It is all the mind; Any point within time and space that we wish to be in is from the mind, the Self, because the only point that truly exists is now.

When we remain home, in the heart, as the Source of all realities, there is no need to call forth anything. We allow our vibration as the Source to bring forth all realities to be experienced. From the Source, all realities flow, manifest and are experienced as they come into the present moment. From this zero point, there is no other reality of which consciousness is aware of or that consciousness can experience. There is no expectation, no attachment to what is, there is only acceptance of what is, which alleviates all suffering and brings about a profound experience of joy only found in the eternal now. We simply allow all to unfold, unscripted without interference from the mind. Being the Source in every moment of every day that consciousness resides in the vessel. The Source does nothing. It simply is. Eternally enjoying what is!

When we are being, the outside world manifest from our inner world as we know that the outside is never separate from us. The outside is only a mirror of what is inside, a vibrational response to consciousness. All changes to reality are made from inside. From the calm stillness of being, realities are aligned to the vibration of our consciousness as the Source of our reality. Be clear, still and wait. Trusting in the ability for the purest realities to manifest as the Source. There is nothing to know. There is nothing to think about. There is nothing to do. All of that is in the mind. Here in zero point, the heart, the Source, there is nothing to do. Rest here. True contentment in the heart, in the mind, is found here and only here. Be here.

The Self does not exist. The little Self, the big Self, the lower Self, the higher Self, all are illusions of the mind. There is no Self. How do we know this? Because in loosing the little Self, finding the Higher Self and loosing that Self too, all ego identities are extinguished. Every veil is removed and the undeniable truth sits impenetrable to illusions. It takes dying a thousand little deaths, step by step, spiral by spiral until there is no more Self left. Until there is the final death that brings us home to the eternal resting place that all seekers seek. It is here that we finally accept that there can never truly be any Self, there is and will always only be consciousness; no Self, no identity, no nothing. It is here that we realize we cannot be anything, we can only be. To become anything means that we must take on an identity. This automatically separates us from the Source and the oneness with all that is.

The Self has many layers and through those layers one realizes the entire Self, from the lower human self to the Highest God Self and when one is ready all selves are released. Because one cannot be love, cannot be joy, cannot just be, if one is assuming an identity. Creation, consciousness, is a state of being that is vibrational. It is an existence that claims no titles, no purposes or roles. It is a river flowing through itself, experiencing itself, from infinite points of view. When we are truly ready to wake up, to let go of all Selves, to die a final death and become the Source of all that is, then we cease to experience reality from time and space as a separate Self. Our existence becomes eternal, timeless, without purpose and in unity with all. This is enlightenment, this is ascension, this is being home!

Consciousness has no purpose. Consciousness has no role. It just is! What was once a Self has become nothing and thus becomes everything. The Self has roles, purposes both lower and higher. The Self drives and strives to do something, to be something and to have a purpose in life. However, once the Self is finally relinquished there are no more roles, no more purposes. There is only a contentment with what is. This is what is meant by enjoying the music. When there is nothing left to do, no more roles to play, purposes to fulfill or identities to be assumed then one is completely free to enjoy the music.

In every now moment the symphony of life is playing, filling our existence with realities to be experienced. We are the Source of this symphony, it is through our electromagnetic field of Light, as consciousness, that this symphony plays forth as our life. As the Source we do not have to do anything to make this happen. We need no purpose to create our reality. As the Source we sit as a sun and allow our reality to manifest in front of us in the eternal now. When we can simply be and allow life to unfold before us in the now, we find that the joy is here now, in every moment. We realize that from this state the purest reality always manifests because we are not trying to do anything or be in resistance to anything. When we can stop doing, when we sit in our heart, when we find our way home, we stop trying to create the music according to the Self. We become content to allow the music to flow from the Source purely and infinitely into the external reality in the eternal now. In this state of being we are free, free from the bondage of dimensions, roles, purposes, identities and separation. In this state of being we know we are the music flowing forth from within us as the Source. We experience unity with all of Creation. We experience the symphony of life in all its glory and splendor playing out joyously before us in each now moment. When we let go of everything and we become nothing, when we allow ourselves to be, we are free and we can enjoy the music.

This blog is just that. It is about enjoying the music. Enjoying life, each and every day as it comes. It is about radiating love, joy, peace, wisdom, grace, compassion, humility, neutrality as conscious vibrations that become the Source of the realities experienced by this consciousness. It is whatever flows from the Source in the now; be it a poem, photos, or timeless wisdom flowing forth into written word. There is no agenda here, no preset plan or script to follow. This blog space is to create, to share and to write from the vibrations of the heart as Pure Source Consciousness. It is a mirror, reflecting the music of life as an endless song. It is a river, streaming the eternally flowing composure of the symphony of life that is playing before consciousness and that consciousness is experiencing. If you wish to listen to this symphony, you are welcome to follow this blog and enjoy the music.

Eternally Joyful,