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A Bit of Housekeeping

Blessings Beloveds,

This is a post specifically for those that read this blog and have followed my journey. First, thank you to all who support my Light with your love! We are ONE beloveds and I feel your conscious presence in my heart always! I have been going through this journey for many years now and each year I learn more and more about how the Cosmos works. Divine Architecture and the Cosmic Blueprint are something that this expression is here to bring forth to the whole. This year is no exception and I have been receiving lots of new information of how the Cosmos works through the Divine Organization of Creation.

In the past, I have posted a lot of material on my blogs that can begin to seem like a school homework assignment to read through and understand. In an effort to curb any burn out or misunderstandings, this year I wanted to send out a little housekeeping notice ahead of the new information. There will be a series of posts throughout the next few weeks or months that I will label as learning articles. These are not posts of my personal experiences or consciousness insights that come along from time to time. Instead, these are simply explanations on the next level of Cosmic Architecture that is unfolding through my consciousness. I will label all these articles with a Learning tag and a Consciousness tag so that you will know when the article is going to present a new “lesson” on the Cosmos. I feel this will help the readers here in discerning whether to read something or not. As I know the information can be overwhelming at times.

It is part of my path to share everything I receive freely as part of expanding the collective consciousness of this star system. Doing this through a blog has always worked best in helping me to write and understand the material presented through my own consciousness. As I learn, we all learn. Or at least the information becomes part of the collective mind which currently is the internet. One day the internet will go away and we will be linked together telepathically and be able to instantly share all wisdom and information. All in the right now moment of our evolution. Until then, this is just a little announcement to explain what is coming down the pipe along with the usual material written here and why it will be presented through this blog space. I love each and every one of you amazing souls so very much. We are ONE eternally.


One thought on “A Bit of Housekeeping

  1. Thank you very much, beloved Sister,

    I look forward to these learning articles!

    Enjoy what is left of this year! One that will dissipate quickly once the sun of our new consciousness comes up.

    Love & much Light,


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