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Why do I share?

Throughout the years of my journey, I have shared so much information publicly. Much of what I write is based on personal experience and what is currently happening in my own journey of ascension, embodiment and learning to live as the Source in this physical vessel. At times, I share what many would consider to be very intimate details of my personal life or work here on Gaia. However, I have always known deep inside that this was part of my journey here on Earth this lifetime…to share it all. I have also become very detached from having a “personal experience” to knowing that all experiences are experienced by the ONE Pure Consciousness that is all things. Therefore, when I write or share, I know that ultimately I am just sharing with myself. However, there are times when I share something that afterwards makes me feel off inside. It is like an energetic pain in the heart. Usually it will come shortly after I share something and then I know whatever I shared contained a distortion or was created from a distortion. A little bit of ego trying to shine through with the Pure Light. This feeling always prompts me to stop, go within and clear the distortion because I simply cannot live with myself if I do not.

Recently, this happened to me and I had to stop and reevaluate what I had shared, why I shared it and where I chose to share it. Following the energy trail deep inside to the root, I was able to see that I had shared something on another platform that was unnecessary. I made the necessary corrections in my reality, gave myself love and compassion and have moved on. Actually, writing this article is part of moving on. You see, I share so much and most of it is really irrelevant to most human beings at this time. My earlier writings on Awakening the Love and the book Birthing Creation are more aligned to assisting the collective consciousness in awakening and ascending in this now than talking about the Divine Organization or living life as the Source. The collective is years away from these experiences or the consciousness necessary to truly understand them. So why don’t I write about things that pertain to the collective now? Why do I continue to write and share about being a Divine HUman or the Source or connecting the consciousness grids? Who even reads this stuff anyway?

These are questions I have reflected on and meditated on recently as my ego wanted to know why I did not have more engagement from the outer reflection? I am the Source in this vessel, this consciousness writing this is the Source this I am most certain of as I am that the sun will shine tomorrow. However, I still inhabit a vessel with a mind. I have learned to distinguish between the mind and consciousness. Consciousness illuminates the mind, gives it life, allowed it to form a personality. And it is consciousness that purified the mind through ascension and uses it to interact with the holographic reality it is experiencing. I have learned to be the observer of the mind, to see when it wants to take center stage as an identity instead of being a sixth sense that is illumined by consciousness to interpret the hologram. The mind has lost its power as a personality. Yet, that does not mean that it is not still there. It is still needed to interact with this reality. It is a sense that I use but I do not let it take over the experience, which it has the capability to do when not mastered. Recently it has flared its little head up wanting to understand why I share and why I do not have engagement from the outer reflection. It was a fair enough quest to make and it also reflected in my latest share so I went deeper inside to find the answers.

Through contemplation and meditation I could see that many of us are here to share our stories, our experiences of consciousness expansion through art, writing, videos, talking, etc. There are many who are here specifically to share on the current collective timeline. They write weekly updates about the ascension, post YouTube videos and Facebook lives about where the collective is and what is happening. There are many who are going through the collective awakening and ascension now and they share in energetic resonance with the collective. Then there are those us who have taken the journey and who wrote about it all along the way and who are now in or have completed the final embodiment and we too write and share our experiences. We all share because every time we share, it increases the frequency or vibration of the collective consciousness. Even is no one ever watches the video, sees the painting, reads the article written or hears what we are saying, the overall collective frequency is still raised by physicalizing our experiences. It is all ONE, if the ONE shares anything it automatically adds to the collective experience. Even if it never helps or is viewed by what the mind perceives to be “another” it really does help the whole because in truth it is all you, I, the ONE.

I have found that when I sit down and write for myself, I always get the purest results. I never receive those internal feelings of uneasiness when I write for myself, as the Source, the ONE. If I begin to write for “other” or to help other or to try and achieve anything other than sharing with myself, then there is always distortions in the writing or method of sharing. Furthermore, when I write for myself there is never a desire to have engagement from the outer reflection which further helps to create a pure share. After awakening, I have always known that my life, my journey, my everything was no longer “mine”, I have always known that I was to write and share everything about my experience here on this planet publicly and freely. This is why I share, I share to raise the collective frequency of this star system, I share so that the eternal “I” that is in all vessels can remember the truth. I share because inside of me is an energy so strong that I cannot go a day without writing when it turns on. I share because I enjoy everything about writing, about being descriptive, truthful and thorough in explaining how something works or how something was experienced through this I. I share because I love it.

I will always write until the day I find it too hard for this vessel to do it anymore. I will write as long as that energy deep inside my heart pushes me to do so. I will always share to increase the frequency of the collective consciousness of Gaia and Creation itself, the ONE Pure Consciousness that is infinitely expanding. I will continue to share as long as it brings me joy and for no other reason than that! Knowing that each time I share my experiences with no expectation or intent but to share with myself, the ONE, that I am adding a beautiful harmonic to the Symphony of Life!

Enjoy the music!


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