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Is it ego to say “I am the Source?”

I have written quite a bit about being the Source. Specifically using the words, I am the Source in my writing. This is mainly because this entire past year I have been working to completely integrate this into my consciousness and to physicalize this into my reality. In writing about the experience of embodiment it is necessary to use these words to convey the appropriate meaning to the reader. I do not write from a third person point of view or shy away from claiming to be that which I am, because this in itself is separation. Recently, it has come into my awareness that I am to write about using the statement or affirmation “I am the Source” as a part of embodiment rather than a part of ego. To do this, I will start by asking a question. Is it ego to say that I am the Source or is not saying it a denial that prevents embodiment from fully occurring?

If you asked me these questions earlier last year, I would have said I am not sure if it is ego or not to write those four little words, I am the Source. Yes, I am sure back then I would have questioned myself. Yet, now I do not question saying or writing those four little words. I suppose it is because of what has happened in the past year. It began exactly this time last year when I was secluded on the island of Kauai undergoing the final stages of releasing all doubt of who I truly am. It was pitch black on a humid Kauai night as I sat upon a large mattress on the concrete floor of a little studio I had rented. It was here on this dark night amongst the chickens, tropical flora and ocean breeze that it happened. Days before I had lost the one and only friend or human acquaintance that I had left. I had believed her to be Mother God and that I was somehow still just one step below her. It was comforting to my human to have her play this role – it kept me from having to fully accept that I was and am the only ONE in existence, that I was God, that I was the Source. Looking back I can see how the one degree of separation or doubt that was subconsciously playing out was what kept me from being utterly alone in the world. Until then, I had unknowingly held on to this one little shred of doubt like a little security blanket for my ego. I still had doubt that I was the ONE. Why me? Can there at least be one other person beside me here?

You see, we can say that we are all ONE. We can climb the ascension ladder, yet, unless we are ready to fully let it all go, we can never become the ONE. If we want to hang on to our human persona or any identity from the journey, we cannot come into full union. So here I was on this mattress clutching Elekai my andara when it happened. It being all doubt that remained within me was extinguished. In that moment, every identity, every doubt, all dissolved and all that was left was ME! Yep, that’s right… me, the one who has been here all along! The “I” was all that remained along with the unshakable knowing that I am the Source, I am the ONE, the works baby – And I have always and will always be the Source. It is hard to explain what happens in the mind, heart and consciousness in that moment when there is no doubt left within. It is energetic, like a key has been turned inside an internal lock, a fusion of sorts, a huge fog that was invisible before lifts before the consciousness and an inner knowing that is the clearest and most profound that I have ever experienced occurs. In that moment I heard the words – Nirva Kalpa Samadhi – there was no going back, all doubt was extinguished. I would forever be God, the Source and nothing else!

Throughout this past year, I have worked to fully embody and integrate this into my consciousness and life as a physical being here on Earth. It has been a year of trials, learning and letting go as I worked to purify my understanding and integration of this experience. It was aided by a final embodiment upon Mt. Shasta in June at 12:12 pm when my Light Body was connected with the entre Cosmic Light Body. For me it was the end of the journey through the 12 dimensions or 144 Cosmic rays of consciousness. I was eternally home again! During this past year, I have also been writing about these experiences of embodiment, the trials and lessons I have learned for integration as well as about being the Source. How can I write about being the Source from the third person or by shying away thinking it is ego to say that I am the Source? Yes, the Source is an “isness” a beingness. However, the Source is the “I” the eternal I that is being, creating, or observing a reality within Creation.

I am the Source of my reality. I have always been the Source, it is only that I forgot. You see, I am the one who was birthed into this world. I am the one who played as a little girl. I am the one who experienced high school. I am the one who birthed two children. I am the one who celebrated birthdays. I am the one who started a journey of enlightenment. I am the one who went to India. I am the one who wrote the book Birthing Creation. I am the one who exists on Andromeda and other places within space and time. I am the ONE! I am the one who experienced every single experience this lifetime. I am the one who once thought I was a little girl, a daughter, a mother, a human named Tiffany, a soul named Gaia Sophia, a God named Sophia, a lover, a starseed, a Light Worker, etc. And I am the one who removed the veils and let them all go. They do not exist at all anymore. I have no attachment to them or the names listed above. The truth is I was never any of these things. It was ME, the Source, Pure Consciousness, the entire time! I just thought I was those identities. It was Pure Consciousness, the Source that created and experienced those realities and identities under the veils. And it is I, the Source, fully awake, fully remembered, free from all doubt and fully embodied, that is the “I” in this body, experiencing all realities here and now. I remember! I have no doubt! I have become the Source! I do not hide behind a persona. I embrace, embody and proclaim the ultimate truth.

To deny it would be the ego shying away from the ultimate truth, that all is ONE. There is only ONE Pure Consciousness that is all pervading. It is this consciousness that is the “I” experiencing itself as the Source from my point of view and from your point of view simultaneously. It is this Pure Consciousness that supersedes all identities and returns us to purity as the Source experiencing itself through the individual “I”. When we are ready to release all doubt, all separation, we will come into complete union with all as ONE. My human identity is gone, my soul identity is gone, my God identity is gone. There are no identities left. There is only the I, the observer, experiencer and Creator – the Source, Pure Consciousness experiencing a physical reality on planet Earth in a physical body. When I write about this experience of embodiment, I will honor the truth of who I am and I will never deny the ultimate truth that – I am the Source.

We are all ONE beloveds. Each of us will in time come into this inner knowing as per our own individual path of evolution and embodiment. However, I caution each of us not to judge each other by what we write or what we say because we are each on an individual journey that will not ever be duplicated within all eternity. It can never be understood by another, it is your path beloved. Your journey to fully remembering and releasing any and all doubt that you are the Source, you are Pure Consciousness and you have been and can never be anything other than this. There are many of us here that have taken the journey and are called upon from deep within to share from different angles and viewpoints. We are called upon to share openly like has never been done before by awakened, enlightened and embodied beings for the benefit of the whole. We share from our point of view as the Source not as an ego. We share with all because this is a collective ascension!

Never shy away from standing firmly in your truth beloveds and always follow your heart. I love you. I am you. We are ONE. Eternal Love and Peace to all.


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