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In July, Christos and I purchased a vintage travel trailer to remodel as our new home on the family farm in Durham, California. We made our intentions known to our collective Universe while we were in Alabama in June that we wanted to manifest a vintage style travel trailer that could be remodeled into our new home when we were not travelling. That was the conception of Serenity.

We arrived in San Francisco during the July 4th holiday from our trip to Alabama. I had visions a few days before that there was to be a release of collective energy there to relieve pressure from Gaia to avoid a physical earthquake. I also saw that I was to unlock a stargate that is part of the original blueprint of the planet directly over the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent three lovely days in San Francisco. Biking, visiting the ocean and walking around the Marina District clearing the grids that run near fault lines into the bay. We also walked onto the Golden Gate Bridge and unlocked the stargate. This is all pretty physical work and looks completely insane to those that do not know what is happening. Sometimes, I wonder who has the easier job, me going through the physical work or Christos having to be the lookout and protect me from falling off a bridge or something. Needless to say it’s a team effort. We are One Being!

After the “work” was completed and our trip to the Bay Area was over we headed to Sonoma to look at a vintage trailer that was for sale. It turned out that that one wasn’t the one for us and we headed up the highway back towards Chico. When we were about two hours into our journey back, we received an email about a trailer in Bolinas on the Pacific Coast near San Francisco. We had really hoped to see this trailer before we left but we never heard from the seller. It was the size, floor plan and the age we were looking for in a trailer so we decided it was worth the effort to turn around and head back toward the coast. It turns out that we were headed to the right place. In Bolinas we found our beloved Serenity and we also found the place where the fault line that run through the Bay Area returns onshore again. When we returned to pay for the trailer we made our way to the Pacific Ocean where the Bolinas Lagoon spills into the ocean. Again the lines were released of the energetic pressure and a stargate opened. And this is how it is. In the flow of Being, of living and enjoying the music as one unified consciousness, the “work” is just part of the flow. There is nothing to do because it is a part of being. We left San Francisco, the entire Bay Area and Bolinas energetically cleansed and the two of us had a “new” old travel trailer to remodel. The Creating of Serenity had begun!

Less than a week since our return from Alabama a 33 foot Argosy by Airstream travel trailer was delivered to the farm in Durham. This trailer was constructed in the eighties which provided a more durable outside and frame than modern trailers yet it left a lot to be desired in the interior decor. Wood paneling, light pink counter tops and more made the space feel very closed in and small. We decided to gut the inside and remodel for a more open and expansive feel. Everything was ripped out so that we could put it back together the way we wanted it to be. The demolition took only two or three days. I can’t say the same for the remodel. We rented a house until August 5th so we were consistently working towards that day as the move in date. Plus I had to make trips to Mt. Shasta for gatekeeping through Mid-August. The trips to Shasta and two days to go to Lake Almanor for a swim and gate work were the only days off we had the entire four weeks. We worked day and into the night some nights. Christos especially worked long hours to get in by the 5th and it paid off when we made our self imposed dead line.

It was A LOT of work! More than I had anticipated for sure and if I don’t see another paint brush for a while it will not bother me a bit. My work consisted of painting everything Ultra White. It is the only color I really wanted in the house and it takes a few coats to cover things especially brown. I spent nearly the entire time painting…walls, doors, cabinets, drawers, etc. SO much painting!! Then sewing on new couch upholstery, finishing the butcher block counter tops and building a tiny front porch (my only time with the saw). Christos had a much more extensive list since he knows how to really build things and read a tape measure. The floor had places that needed to be repaired which was a lengthy process in an Airstream constructed trailer because of how the floors are bolted in. The new floors had to be laid, counter tops had to be reconstructed and many more wood projects. Nothing is square in a trailer with rounded corners and the sizes are drastically different from regular home sizes. We spent a lot of time online finding sinks, stoves, refrigerator, furniture and other items that would fit the exact dimensions we were working with. There was so much work that I could’t even remember it all now if I tried. I dare say it was a much bigger task than either of us thought we were getting into. However, at the end of it all we were glad it went this way. There is so much love that went into making this home that the energy inside is so powerful and vibrant and beyond comfortable. Serenity was born out of the creative energy of our minds, hands and hearts and that beats buying a ready made trailer any day of the week. She is a little white home of love in the middle of a dusty almond farm. (Definitely no shoes allowed.) She is our new home and a sanctuary where we can rest when we are not out traveling.

Below are before and after pictures that show the trailer prior to demolition and after full reconstruction. The only thing missing is the composting toilet. Which is an amazing little jewel that uses zero water! However, it is on back order due to the pandemic and will arrive this fall when we are traveling in Mexico. All is functioning and we are comfortably living in and enjoying our new home and some much needed rest! Enjoy our Serenity!

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