Enjoying Bellingrath Gardens

It was a delightful adventure to tour Bellingrath Gardens on a recent trip back to Alabama. A return to my longtime physical home after the final return to my Eternal Home that occurred on Shasta. The trip was needed and weaved perfectly with all that is and has transpired in my life these past few years.The dynamics of my family relationships, my relationship with the land and my overall experience of being back in the Deep South was drastically different. It was a challenge at first but I managed to hold firm in my center of being as the Source and this dramatically affected my outer reality.

However, it did leave me feeling a bit tired so it was amazing to have this stop on the last day of the visit. Bellingrath Gardens is located in Mobile, Alabama. It is a lovely estate that has been gifted to the community from the Bellingrath Family. These gardens have been cultivated since the early 1900s and are alive with many species of flowers, trees and plants. The serene stop into nature was just what I needed to rejuvenate this vessel. The colorful and vibrant intensity of the flowers and greenery fed this vessel with much needed high vibrational Light before heading back to California. I often photograph flowers so that I may enjoy their exquisite energy whenever I need a boost. Photos of flowers or baby kittens both fill my heart with joy instantly increasing my vibration.

I captured photos of the immense beauty as we walked through the gardens. They are shared below in a video. Enjoy the stroll through the gardens.


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